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Can anyone help, please?
My webbuilder/host is iPage (yes, I wish I hadn’t!), when published in webbuilder html files were large (which caused slow page download) due to lots of non-required codes (links to Twitter, duplicated Google analytics etc), amended html files but after publishing it puts the ‘rubbish’ back in,
iP suggested using ftp so I have downloaded C’Cup ftp (free version) and uploaded html files, however, when website is opened in IE or Chrome it is showing old version, not the updated one, have been to iPage chat and they have opened a ticket which may take 48 hours to answer. ?
In the meantime, just thought I would check here to make sure the issue has not been caused by something I have done. My settings are: Server is set as ftp.ipage.com, Remote folder ‘/’. Have been through forums and found some suggestions but none seem to resolve my issue.
Anyone have any ideas? Many Thanks. Les
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Haven't heard of either. But if this is an online service, with a built-in wysiswyg site builder, you are likely to get the whole 'rubbish', whether you need it or not. Such site builders usually have every css rule there is, to accommodate all kinds of tweaks.

Maybe someone here knows how to help, or maybe the iP customer service can help when they wake up after 48 hours, but if not, I recommend that you cut your losses and start building your site with some proper tools. There are lots of them out there, and CoffeeCup also have some that I can recommend. Depending on your coding skills, RSD or HTML Editor spring to mind...
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