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Support said I should post a question here concerning free software. Hopefully this is the right spot for this question.

Aabaco recently emailed saying that in order to connect to their FTP service the FTP browser used had to have TLS 1.2 protocol capabilities. I have been using Coffee Cup Free FTP on Yahoo FTP without problems for years, however now (1-18-17) my clients and I can not connect with Free FTP. I can connect with Filezilla using the same settings, but it's not as user friendly or simple to use as Coffee Cup. I asked support a while back if Coffee Cup Free FTP had TLS 1.2 capabilities and was assured that it would work fine. Jpeg of settings attached.

The error I receive is as follows:

There has been a problem negotiating an SSL or TLS connection. The program cannot continue. Please contact your hosting host provider. [35] Additional information: error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure.

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There must be a setting that needs tweaking. I know some servers are very particular when you start ftping with any of the more secure methods.
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

Here's my S-Drive site with
examples of what can be accomplished in VSD.
Here's my CoffeeCup SCCP Shop with examples of what can be done.
This is a site I built for my work.(RSD)
This is a site I built for use in my job.(HTML Editor)
This is my personnel site used for testing and as an easy way to share photos.(RLM imported to RSD)

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I have the same issue with the paid on Direct FTP

Total Commander, FileZilla and WinSCP all work but Direct FTP get an error using TLS settings.

The server log error actually shows

The server log says:

May 15 10:04:17 SERVER pure-ftpd: (?@XXX.2.172.91) [INFO] New connection from XXX.2.172.91
May 15 10:04:17 SERVER pure-ftpd: (?@XXX.2.172.91) [WARNING] Sorry, cleartext sessions and weak ciphers are not accepted on this server.#012 Please reconnect using TLS security mechanisms

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