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Hi thanks everyone :)

Im going to continue with the coffee cup trial & more than likely
purchase based of the community activity & helpfulness.

I posted the same post in regards to my issue & had no response
& after 24 hrs i got a rude response of a veteran user :(

Im a paying customer of thier software but its not a good representation
of their community if you happened to be a potential customer!

I've posted before & had one response in a week or two, nothing ever resolved.
Newbies like me rely on the community forums & rely on veterans in the early stages.

Anyway many thanks for your help! very welcoming
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Since the person who want the site doesn't want to buy any software, will he still be paying you to create the site? Also the software you need to do so?

There is something called 'Snippet master' (you can google it) which is free, and with it you can make portions of the contents of a site editable online. What you need to do is create the site and add some snippets of code where a chunk is to be editable. Check it out! You can build the site with either HTML Editor or VSD.
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That sound great!

You guys are awesome :)

thanks again :D

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