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I'm using UTF-8 as recommended for web sites. Often, I use Dreamweaver to develop my websites and by using UTF-8, it transfer special characters directly in the code (I have a lot of web sites in French, so we see characters like é, à, ç and so on).
I could use another encoding character, that would probably put the HTML entity instead (ex: é), but it's supposed to be accepted and the best way to use UTF-8.

Now, the problem is that Website Insight (and Web CEO and many other softwares) are in English and doesn't render well text with special characters (for example, it gives me that I have the word "coordonn" and "es" 1 time, instead of saying "coordonnées". Is it a problem JUST with the software, or the search engines (like Google and Bink) really see it that way and we should avoid ALL special characters (i.e. I should always use the ISO-8889 encoding instead of UTF-8)?

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