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Hi All,
At the bottom of the Search Visibility there is a report line at end of the page called Search Engines.
In that, there is a number for Google Results.

"The number of results Google's search engine found for your page."
The number is often very large. I presume large is better.
What factors go into this data? Is it the number of keywords? Is it the number of letters on the page? :)
Is it the number of links on the page?
If we want to do work to make this number even larger to match a competitor, what work(s) would yield the most effective outcomes?

I know a competitor's page that has fewer words, fewer count of keywords, no social media, no video, several H1 tags and many HTML errors, with domain age unknown(!). Why would such a page have a higher number in Google Results than a page that is bigger and has better SEO work done? This seems to say to me there is something known by others that is unknown to me! :)

Are the factors that change this number on the page, on the website but not on the page, on the external links pointing to the page, or the external links pointing to the website?

Or is there something else that I do not know? :)

Have any of you any experience at increasing this number by doing work on the page?

Best wishes,


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