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Sorry if these questions seem to be self-evident...they are not, to me.

I'm a composer of electronic music, and I've just put up a CMS-based website, so I didn't actualy have to know much of anything to get the website up on my webspace.

Now, I'd like to a able to allow people who visit my site to play some of my compositions, and I'd like to try and use your application to do that.

Since I know very little about website directory structure I'm not quite sure where to put the folders and the code for the program.

My webspace has three main folders: a CGI-BIN folder...an HTDOCS folder...and a LOG folder.

All of my website folders, as well as any loose php files that make up the site are all under the HTDOCS folder.

I thought I could just place a folder with my mp3s under the HTDOCS main folder, but that seems keep my website from displaying properly in a browser (when the folder is present the website won't display...when I take the folder out the website displays correctly).

Do I need to create a folder for my mp3s at the same level as the HTDOCS and CGI-BIN folders?...in otherwords: CGI-BIN, HTDOCS, LOG, MP3?

And, where exactly do I paste the code for the player, so that is does not interfere with my website files?...does the code need a folder of its own?

My apologies for my stupidity about this...I'm just beginning my experiment with establishing a web presence.

Thanks..any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Moonz,
No expert, but let's try to look at this together! When you get up on to your server and open everything up, you will have all those folders you mentioned, plus a big white space. Correct? Or at least, a space occupied by files that you may have already uploaded.
Now, have no fear. So long as you have got a back up of all your files on your own PC nothing terrible is going to happen if you just experiment a bit.
I suggest you open up that folder on YOUR PC, that is to say the area designated MY COMPUTER or LOCAL FOLDERS/FILES which is quite often the left-hand list of your FTP application, and upload each of those files inside the folder, one at a time (or if you can "select all" send them all up) into that big white space OUTSIDE all those folders you were mentioning on your server. That is to say, the right-hand side of your screen on the FTP application, which may be called MY SITE, or SERVER.
Then once you have done all that, see what results you have by visiting your site.
I will go and mess about a bit with my own music player so that I can perhaps give you a more specific answer and example to the second part of your query.
Bye for now,
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Hi Janys...thanks for the quick reply.

Using my own ftp client program (not the one built-in to your Web Jukebox application) , and ftping to my webspace, on the right side of the ftp client screenspace I first see just the three folders I mentioned above...HTDOCS, CGI-BIN, and LOG...no loose files of any kind at this level...just the three folders (two of these folders were created by my webhost, and not by me...the LOG folder appeared after I uploaded all of the files and folders that make up my website).

I have to open the HTDOCS folder to see any files at all. There are quite a few sub-folders in there too, of course...this is all of the files and folders that are my website.

As I said in my post above, I tried to create a sub-folder for my mp3 files under that same HTDOCS folder where everytrhing else is. I did this, and then I uploaded 4 mp3 files to that folder via ftp. But, after I disconnected from my webhost's ftp server, and then tried to view my website, it would no-longer display, no matter which browser I tried to use. So, it was obvious to me that I could not just create an unrelated folder (the mp3 folder) in the middle of all of the files and folders that are my website, and expect this not to affect the functioning of the website...right? And, sure enough, when I went back with the ftp client and deleted the folder that I had created with the mp3s in it, my website then displayed correctly once again.

So, before I even get to the point where I can upload any files and code related to your Web Jukebox application I need to know where to create a folder for the mp3s that I intend to use with your program so your program can find them...correct?

Should I create a folder for those MP3s at the same level as the HTDOCS folder?...this sounds like what you are suggesting.



Ok..so I created a folder named MP3s at the same level as my HTDOCS folder (the folder containing all of my files and folders for my website), and my website still displays perfectly.

So, now I need to create a folder to place the files related to your web JukeBox application. Should I just create another folder at that same level, and name it maybe : "WEBJUKE"? And then cut and paste the Web Jukebox code to a page in my website and let it be iniciated by a page link?

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