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I think I got it to do something
but cannot test it fully yet as my mobile devices are not available

but here is a possible workaround for IE using that shiny text thingy

choose "design for = display flex, go to the container with the paragraph that has the shiny text, and "hide" it
insert another container containing the paragraph & just apply text styling without the class for shiny text

Then go to design for= display flex, UNHIDE the container holding the shiny text paragraph and HIDEthe container holding the not shiny text

It works but in IE not shiny text effect, but at least it looks better,
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If you just want the text just target IE10 and 11 with this selector browser hack.....

@media screen and (-ms-high-contrast:active),
(-ms-high-contrast:none) {
p {
color: white;
background: none;

Only those browsers will understand whats in there.....all others skip it.
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Thanks for ideas!

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