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Have used Coffee cup for two decades or more now to build many, many web sites, in Windows.
Now I use it in Manjaro Linux (Arch based) WINE, and it works in all desktop environments-EXCEPT for..

....any time, every time, I use the keyboard shortcuts with the CTRL key. It repeats any command twenty five times. I finally counted it this am.

CTRL+N is 25 new pages
CTRL+B is <b></b>, twenty five times
CTRL+U is <u></u>, twenty five times
CTRL+i is <i></i>, twenty five times
CTRL + C, copies it, twenty five times (pauses, cursor flickers)
CTRL + V, pastes it, twenty five times, twenty five times
I can right click to copy/paste, do bold, italic, underline, and it works fine for all of the above and more, but I am a keyboard kinda guy because it is faster, and always have been.

All Linux is up to date. Including WINE, Coffeecup, etc.

Now, I have lots of apps running in WINE for editing things, as well as in Linux, for editing, etc. No other app in WINE or Linux does this.

I hear there are no plans for a Linux version of Coffeecup. I know that there is ZERO like it for Linux and, trust me, I have tried tons. I want the automation now, since I no longer build web sites for customers (social media ruined that, no one wants them now).

Any ideas? Can I maybe, some place in the program, change the keyboard to use AL instead of CTRL and try that? Or SHIFT?

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1. It's pure speculation, but I'm wondering whether using keyboard shortcuts to the menus might help. For example, in Windows Alt+o opens the Format menu in The HTML Editor. Alt+o followed by 'b' will select the equivalent to Ctrl+b. Perhaps that would also work in Wine.

2. One could perhaps use Code Templates to set up suitable hot keys. Code Templates can be found via Tools > Hightlighter Colors...


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