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Angus Gilmour wrote:
What about a "Print" facility?

What would you want to print that couldn't be done by your web browser? If you only wanted to print part of a web page, there are relatively easy ways to do that using Javascript or CSS.

Here's one such page; there are others.

The coding has already been done for you; just copy and paste as directed.
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What about being able to set up dependent drop down lists
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I just downloaded and installed the new version and it looks better than ever! As for suggestions, I do have one though. It seems like there are now more places than ever to configure your own custom HTML (redirects, e-mail responses, auto-responses, payment page) it would be nice if there was a "preview code" button by the "configure" button to see what the message looks like.

I understand that most folks (like me) will build their custom responses in their own HTML editor and then copy/paste, but if I even want to see the default payment page, I have to copy/paste it into my editor too. It would just save a step if there was a preview button that would open in its own window.

Thanks for continuing to make (and improve) on a great product, and thanks for listening to your customers! :D
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Hi there, loving the improved form builder.

It's a great version but I would just like to be able to add colour to help my users with selecting items.

Things such as being able to colour the labels for tick boxes or radios.

Also if possible using colours for each value in the drop down select fields.

The valid reasons for this are on purchase forms where product variations have colour choices.

It helps the users when ordering.
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hi i love web form builder it saves me tons of time when creating sites but yes i agree on the posts where it asks for the ability to choose a color for the inside of boxes. with the included templates boxes come in different colors but there's no way to change the color ourselves via the editor. that would be nice so we can customize the form to match the style of the site. thanks! :D
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Not sure if this was suggested yet...
It would be nice to be able to select multiple fields (holding shift and left click?), and duplicate them all at once. This would have saved me a lot of time in the last few forms I've made.

Great program, and although I was reluctant to move from the old flash version, I'm glad I did!
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i'd like to see the csv form with the jpg, txt etc. attachments people send in their form (in addition to the email that contains them).
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Make it so the placeholder in a comment box is "hard text" and it goes with whatever the person fills in too. Maybe if I explain why this would be a great addition for me it will be clearer.

I do several sites involving community associations and groups who want to have their members optionally send a letter to the Mayor or another civic official. "Send a letter to the Mayor - fill in your name and address and click Submit" Off would go the form contents to whoever the target is for which the form was made along with "the comments" - that is the letter pre-written. It is not spamming since each person would have entered their name and address.

Like a push letter.

I checked with some folks doing similar sites in other cities and they would love it. Might buy the program!!!

Maybe you have a work around now???
Sinecure Bob
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On my site, I have 3 types of packages to choose from and each has optional extras. Some options in the first package will be included in the 2nd package, and the same with the 3rd package.

I'm wondering if it would be possible to have an option where EG you make your package selection from a list of radio buttons, and when a package is selected in the contact form, it automatically has the optional extras in the next tick box options selected / ticked (based on whether the optional extras are included in the package they have chosen).

Hope that makes sense :)

This would be very handy :D
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Wish list for Web form builder..

The ability to Multi Highlight several elements already setup in a form and save those elements into a new file maybe a CoffeeFormClass file (CFC extension) this would allow for the loading of such a class or classes into a new form and only have to add in other elements that are not in the classes that are needed. Making future form developments faster as class libraries grow from form to form.

Also would like to wish for the ability of the four basic math functions to be included so if someone types in 95 in one number field and 95 in another I could have a read only math field that allows me to multiple them and display the 9025 answer. or divide or add or subtract. Also would be nice to allow for negative numbers in the number input fields.

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