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Found an existing theme that I like, but need to change the color attributes of some of the elements. Text field for example. I can't see to find a way to change the background color of the container that holds the label and input text element. I would also need to change the background color of the input text field itself. Couldn't find a way to do that through web form builder. How do you recommend customizing these elements? I am using version 2.9 build 5525.

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Yea you will need to do some editing to the CSS once exported. There is currently no way to update this with in the application. I am not at my work pc so I cannot direct you to the correct folder from here. If no one replies by this evening I will post.

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Hi Robert
Hope this helps, the way I do it.
Once exported click into the exported folder. In here you will find a html file with the generated form code. In this file I edit and put inline css for things such as form fields background colors and also form background color. The only other thing I do is remove the field border colors which can be found in the theme>css folder.
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You can do this with Jquery also.
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

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