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I guess I'm confused as to why this is taking so long. :| You already have the integration code working perfectly in the Visual Shopping Cart Creator programs. Why can't you just port that code over to the Web Form Builder?

Not having Paypal integration is really starting to cause me some problems now. Seriously, how much longer is this going to take?


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Well, seeing as Shopping Cart Creator and Web Form Builder are two different programs altogether it is not that simple... That would be like taking a motor from a 18 wheeler and putting it in a compact car.

I would guess that it will not be much longer... Maybe sooner than you think. Have faith and patience. Once it is released it will be well worth the wait.
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SCC was in production about a year or more i believe before we got our hands on it (testing testing testing) webform builder has probably been in production for a considerable amount of time, but has been made available before completion as so many of us wanted a html based form regardless of the fact it didnt have Paypal integration. (because of flash issues)

Unlike SCC & SCCP which would have been useless to us without the Paypal, and so on intergration.

CC missed an opportunity here again :: webform builder light., web form builder full, , webform builder PRO with cart integration ;)

Scott i think we'd better get rid of the word SOON and replace it with "there is a PRO version in the making"
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Randall Wrote
Not having Paypal integration is really starting to cause me some problems now. Seriously, how much longer is this going to take?

A form is for importing data and presenting that data for manipulation. I demonstrated a simple method to use a form to create a Buy Now Button as to the choice in the form which can be found here It uses php to extract the data and create a page with the button in it.
This would work for a multi choice setup but adding a Button to VSD would work just as well. It depends on what you wish to achieve. Forms are not the norm to sell things. If it is many items then the shopping cart is the answer if only a couple of items then what I do is appropriate you can view my site if you just type in my domain.

If I would wish to include a form and purchase ability I would reach for the html editor and create a form to suit in a php/html page then post to the receiving php file to do the necessary actions. Even if CC does come up with a Paypal option it will be pretty rudimentary.

I can create forms easily but use WFB as it is quicker and the quality is always superb it does what it is designed for get data store it and send it according to instructions. It is just one link in a chain.

For years neither of the form builders had these abilities. Now if what I have demonstrated can work for you then you can contact me on my site and I will help you get something going.

From one of your other posts
When I say it shouldn't be too hard to implement, I'm speaking with 39 years of programming and application development experience. I've programmed on every kind of computer system from mainframes, to mini's, to PC's, and now write web applications for a living. I've programmed in pretty nearly every programming language ever thought up by anyone from assembly language, to C, to C++, to C#, to VB.NET, to Coldfusion, to Adobe Flex

You surprise me by asking that question as according to your statement you should have better programming skills than I have but you wish something like that. I cannot see why you do not spend a few hours and create a payment site to your liking.

CC's software will only be to satisfy core requirements. PHP is very similar to C so you should take to it like a Duck to water. But if you still want assistance just ask. Programming to me is a hobby one I acquired over many years as well and as part of that hobby create utilities seen on my site.

Let us know of your requirements I am sure a few of us can get you up and running with whatever software that will cut it. Be Proactive not Reactive Those of us who respond to posts are only to glad to help. It is a great community supporting great software
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