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Thanks for the quick reply!

That makes sense... I'll dig around the PHP files to try to make the upload limit change.

I hope you guys will consider adding some form of the multiple upload functionality feature (with one upload field) in the future. WeI had been using a WebAssist form builder product which had that feature by default. It worked perfectly. However, we absolutely HATE building forms in their interface, and the software is extremely buggy.

Your (Coffee Cup's) Web Form Builder is THE DEFINITIVE form building tool (and we've tried them ALL), so you can imagine how much we'd love to have all the features we've been used to using integrated into your product. :-)

[Pipe dream alert] :-) Come to think of it, if you develop a way to add multiple uploads, you might also be able to apply that technique to allow people who are filling out the form to add fields or groups of fields as needed. So, for example, if they were providing references, they could fill out the fields pertaining to references, then if they wanted to add another reference, they would click "add another reference" and a new set of fields would appear so they could input a second reference. This could continue for as many as they wanted to add, or as many as the developer wanted to allow. That would be soooo cool! Just sayin'... :-)

Anyway, thanks for listening. All the best with the continued development of this great product!

- Jeremy
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Hiya Jeremy,

One way to maybe take the edge off the site for the people that "don't" need a lot of upload lines is to create 2 or more forms. Have a shorter form on the main page and a link on that form for people to click that need more uploads than just a few. Then have that link take them to a page with a different form that has a bunch of upload fields on it. This way the main traffic of your site don't have to worry about the big long form, yet it's there for those that need it :) Just an idea.
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You could consider perhaps uploading a zipped file. Then use one of the example php scripts to extract online or download and extract. If the zipped file was constant the php could be real simple.
Just use the email "Redirect to another URL in settings" to activate any PHP you wish to run. This will happen after the submit button is activated.

That was the method I used to include a Paypal option. It has far more powerful possibilities to enhance the basic forms ability. For instance after the form has been submitted the data could be presented in the form of a page that could be printed, data calculated, charts displayed, what ever.
The form is only the means to import data the sky's the limit as to what can be done with it. I love my WFB it is the best since sliced bread.

Once the form is filled and submitted a person could be given choices as to what they would like next by way of another form or go to a page or receive information, pay for a service or purchase an item all by filling in a WFB form How good is that.

If you want to know how I will help you get started. It is my hobby contact me at
The Guy from OZ

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Thanks guys! Those are great ideas! I added some text about using a ZIP file for multiple uploads. That will probably work if I remove or increase the upload limit.

If that doesn't cut it, then I'll definitely try the separate form approach. May be my only other recourse.

For now, I've got a real doozie I'm trying to figure out. If you want to join me over on my new post ("Alternate ways to embed form?"), that would be great! :-)

Thanks again!

- Jeremy

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