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The free service for hosting forms is being phased out. I have been searching the forum for how do I move the form / data/ and the functionality from the free hosting over to doing it my self on my own site account. I am using the older form builder app. Is there complete document on how to do this step by step. It would be placed on a word press site where I have cpanel access.
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Maybe you can find some help here: … ress-blog/
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Just done this.

Note you will have to hack the markup.

But what Form Builder are you using?
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Thanks for all the information on how to place the code on the site. But after reading all the info it still does not have what I need. The version I am using is 2.5 5437. This information still does not include how to set up a database, for the form to use, how to get that information into the form processor, or how to get the form to actually function. I found out that it will not be going into a word press blog but a simple 4 page html site. I realize this is probably a lot of just basic info to most, but could be useful to others besides myself.
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On second thought, I can see from all the writing on the wall that the web site industry has passed me buy. Like asking a 1980's car mechanic to work on a tesla model 3. Thanks for all the help and feed back, and to cofeecup for all the great programs they create. Time for me to retire.

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