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Hi all,

Is CoffeeCup planning on implementing the new Google reCaptcha into their form builder? Please do!


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Hey Gregory,

It is already there. :P

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It is reCAPTCHA not “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”, which is the new version of reCAPTCHA. … ptcha.html

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Just add a Checkbox and make it required and set the text to "I'm not a robot". Does pretty much the same thing. ;)
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I need clarification on this.

I just downloaded and installed the newest version of Web Form Builder, Version 2.5, Build 5437. I have 2 questions:

1. I don't see a way to make the ReCaptcha appear as the checkbox Version 2. Is it really there somewhere?

2. Scott (in this thread) mentions simply adding a required textbox, which does pretty much the same thing. Is there something additional accomplished by ReCaptcha Version 2? Does it check against some database, or it it just a checkbox?


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Okay -- further research answered these questions ...

1. No Version 2 at this time, and

2. Google ReCaptcha 2 is reading minds based on mouse behavior ... or some such thing. I haven't found a reasonable explanation, but I think I've pretty well encapsulated what I've read.

Thanks, Mike

Enjoy the 4th guys!

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When will the new reCaptcha v2 be added to the webform builder? Customers are already asking about it as Google is sending out emails to Google customers telling them to change out as soon as possible and that it's more secure than the old one.

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Same question here. How to implement the new "no captcha reCaptcha" v2 into forms created with Web Form Builder? Still getting the old, boxy version 1 reCaptcha.

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I am also hoping this the new "no captcha reCaptcha" v2 will be added to CC Web Form Builder soon.

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Texas CajunBoy wrote:
I am also hoping this the new "no captcha reCaptcha" v2 will be added to CC Web Form Builder soon.

+1 :)

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