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Colin Woodcock wrote:
Just purchased WebCalendar and just having a play with it before Sunday lunch... roast beef takes priority, so must be quick!

I'm currently re-doing our college site, there's a draft at:

Sorry menus don't point anywhere. WebCal was very easy to integrate and a one-time fix will sort the IE problem but haven't bothered with that yet.

One annoying thing is that it seems to truncate the last word of the drop down message when you hover over date, i.e "test" becomes "tes ...", not "test ...". I see Janys has added in blank spaces to get round the issue.

When I played with re-organising date and mixing holidays, etc, I couldn't get it to display both for a given date but thet may be me and I'll have another look and post something if I can duplicate the error.

Lunchtime..... ;)

Hi Colin,
Janys has put about 3 dots after the word to avoid truncation.......
Janys ;D

p.s. Rather than get upset later, I will tell you now, don't bother to try to get several things appearing on your slide-down. If you want several events to show, uncheck the slide-down, and just use the click on date to give a list of more than one event on any day.

p.p.s. Your site has a nice clean start.... look forward to seeing it when you have found time to add more!
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Thanks for the positive comments. I used Webstyle to set the original template as it generates a nicely commented CSS, which is useful when you're learning CSS. I hadn't spotted the Drop Down on Mouseover tick-box which makes my problem go away for now, thanks for that.

I appreciate that this is the first public release and these glitches are more likely attributable to the CC boys rushing to get something out to meet popular demand. As you say, I'd expect them to be addressed in the not to distant future.
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The calendar looks great!

I was waiting to see what CoffeeCups would be like, to one that I wa slooking at that was just PHP.
And CoffeeCups is better priced, and overall, better! Will be getting it this week :D
Will make a great addition to one of my websites for an events page :D
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This is the best fix I found to eliminate the "Click to Activate" problem for internet explorer. A free download.

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