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Hello Everyone,

Has anyone every built a gift registry for a website? If so, please let me know how you did it. Did you us CC programs or others?

Thank you,

Ken Mac
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I have never built one, but I love a good challenge. As soon as I read your post the wheels started turning. I think you could use Shopping Cart Creator. The only puzzle is how you get the product. So what you could do is upload pictures of all the products you want on the registry and place them in the shopping cart with their given prices. Then when someone purchases an item and submits payment, then you would take that money and make the actual purchase. You would need to make sure that once a product is purchased that you take it out of the cart, unless you want multiples of the same items.

You could even get creative with it and create a drop down option list that states things like do you want it hand delivered or shipped, etc.

Shopping cart also has shipping control so that you can control the shipping price on items.

If this idea does not work I hope that it at least got your wheels turning. I am sure others here in the forum will have other good ideas as well.

Good luck. :D
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I noticed this post is dated May of 2010. Have any new developments been made in order to build an online store that obviously requires Shopping Cart Creator, but can also handle Gift Registry?

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