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No, of course not installed.
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This doesn't answer Greg's question which I wouldn't even attempt to advise on which to keep or not, I like Mr Bosco suggestion about a museum.

I have all my apps from cc saved onto an external USB drive they all right from the very beginning, all version releases. (Right from RLM upto the latest version of SD4 for example)
They are not installed just there ready to use if required.
The latest versions are installed onto my PC for use.
If I need work on an earlier version of any of those apps I load it up onto a second pc dedicated just for that purpose.

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I am guilty of very bad house keeping on my computers. Yes, I need to place lots and lots of apps to flash drive and clear up space on my computer. I have a 2 terabyte drive with lots of space and then I have the 256 Mbyte solid state drive that the operation system is on and it is close to filling up. I have a little 32 gig solid state drive but I do not really use that one. have very many different types of flash drives. Guess I need to take the time to rid of repetitions and consolidate and clean up the C drive of the computer and all of my flash drives then there are the old retired hard drives that I could maybe save some lost stuff from. Guess I can not avoid the house cleaning any longer.
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Attached photo of desktop. I have like 32sq' of monitor acreage. The 55" is a 4k it is like having 4 monitors all on its own. The 40" and 48" are portrait oriented. The 55", 50", and 46" are landscape oriented. It does make it very easy using the designer apps with all of the monitors.
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Cool, I have a 49" that the main HDMI port was acting up but the rest are OK. I may have to mount that on the wall above my 32" that I use for a monitor. Greg, I am a program hoarder as well but I just went to the Professional version of Dropbox.

It's taking some getting used to but I cut my almost 1 TB down to 373 GB.
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Have removed most all of the extra unused obsolete CC apps and a few other apps that I clearly could do without. Cleared up lots of space on my C drive which is good because it was getting too full. Would like to remove lots of other apps but truthfully many apps on the list I have no idea what they are or used for. Guess further removals will require some research and learning.
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