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How about a simple DB underlying Shopping Cart Creator shops that enables you to do basic inventory management.
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I am in need of a virtual tour program like the ones on Realtor sites. where you take a panoramic pictures of the rooms and customers can mouce around the room for a 360 view. I now use photo gallery and it works good for what it is but a virtual tour would be much better.
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. We may not have time to respond to each of them individually, but we do read and discuss all of them here. Keep 'em coming!
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I'm been using the HTML Editor ( and a number of your other software) for a number of years now. When I saw that you are planning to make a MAC version -- I was very happy. Looking forward to this happening - hopefully soon.

One question--- If I have a current HTML Editor for PC license can I use that for the MAC version or would I need to purchase the product over again?

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Keith Berg wrote:
How about a simple DB underlying Shopping Cart Creator shops that enables you to do basic inventory management.

Keep your eyes peeled for future developments (should be soon) with the release of SCC-PRO. That was a feature that had been discussed and MAY be a part of the initial release.
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Happy New Year to the designers at Coffee Cup, but if I hear or see the super-hyped marketing buzzword "kick-butt" again, I'm gonna puke (just kidding....sort-of)! It seems everyone in the business has been to the same seminars run by rah!-rah! cheerleading, so-called, marketing "gurus", bought the same over-priced "how to market to today's hip consumer" books, etc. Just tell me in plain English what's great about upcomming products, what they do, and why it will be better than competing products, and we'll be fine. Hype doesn't sell me...functionality and price do.
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I rely on CoffeeCup for HTML and PHP editing, and couldn't get along without it!

The one feature that's missing for me is the ability to split the screen to show 2 different pages of the same file, or 2 different files. This would make it much easier when comparing code, or copying sections of code, or even just looking at one section while modifying another to make sure they are consistent with variable names, etc. Sometimes I would like a horizontal split - sometimes a vertical.

A (kludgy) alternative to the above would be the ability to open 2 copies of CoffeeCup and open the same file in each.

One little peeve - when editing PHP files, it sometimes stops highlighting a section of code.

Thanks for doing such a great job!
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You have some good products, but you lost me as a customer a few yeas ago. The reason you lost me is because you do not support Linux. I see you are working on Mac, but we Linux users are getting left in the dust. You would be smart to put on some Linux programmers. Just for the record, I think Linux is much better then any Windows OS I ever used. Our user base is growing in numbers and the market you are missing is going to be your lost as a company. I would offer to program for you, but I am 71 and out of the workforce.
Hope you have a good year, but it would be better if you supported other OS platforms.
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Happy New Year! Love your software I hope you will create a membership program using SQL-php database online that will add members get their paid status and post activities ..etc
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Really like the ease of adding the video, I am working on a new look for my Video Production site. Here is the current site created with VSD.

Keep up the great work!

J. Hall
Gurnee, Illinois
John Hall
Recording Services Video Productions
Gurnee, Illinois 60031

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