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More and more people are viewing websites on their mobiles. Websites that have been created for a PC more ofte then not do not view that well on a mobile, if at all. Too large and too much scroling is needed.

How about a script that detecs if the viewer is viewing the website from the pc or a mobile. If the website is being viewed from a mobile then redirect to the mobi website which can be built with CC software (and e.g. with various templates).

How about this CC?

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Really good idea. Right now, easy solutions for mobi are limited.
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I would love this to create an iPhone website for my local town. Great Idea.
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Yes Yes and more YES! lol... The website wysiwyg editors are NOT easy to use and they usually limit you to their local hosting plan. (or they make self hosting a technical nightmare) The Adobe plugins are expensive and very "un user friendly". Com'on CC, you know it would sell!

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ad99wd --

How do I build a website for mobiles using CC software?

That's a dominant part of my target ! !

Can I do it in VSD, WYSIWYG ? ?

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First of all one can view most websites with the iPhone so for the iPhone you
really do not need to create a special website.

Most other mobiles do need a website created for the mobile. If you know how
to write xhtml then yes you can use CC html editor to build a mobile website.

Btw, you do not need to have a mobi domain name. You can create a subdomain
where you place your mobile website and there is a code that detects if the
viewer is viewing the website from a mobile and redirects them to the subdomain
where the mobile website is.

See the links below with various articles and instructions on how to build
a mobile website. I have also added a link to a forum which could be handy. … troduction … 40f19ce167

I hope the above helps anyone wanting to build their own mobile website :)

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My mobile targets are iPhone and Kindles, because my immediate purpose is support of a book just about to be released in Kindle and Kindle-->iPhone as well as paper. It is diagram-based and for anything as small as iPhone, iPhone's terrific graphic capabilities (and screen width) are required.

For computer, my new website is largely slide-sequences using CC PhotoGal, and neither iPhone nor Kindles do that. So my website will at the start simply ask the user to indicate which device she is using to view the website and then go to pages optimized for that device.

My eBook does this, has four versions of the whole book optimized for Kindle1+2, KindleDX, iPhone, and computer and future larger color readers.

I am finding that for my website, I can set up different sets of pages for the target devices purely WYSIWYG in CC VSD, using PhotoGal only for the computer pages.

But I'm SURE going to visit and study the websites you suggested before doing anything more on my website ! !

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I would love to see a wysiwyg mobile site creator. Ive just upgraded(?) to vista and the editor I was using on good ol' xp dont work so good. Ive now got a mobile site online that I cant edit!!~~***
Most of the stuff Ive seen advertised comes with hosting or its a web based editor. No good!! I like to edit a site on my pc then shove it into cyberspace when Im good and ready. Im on bended knees, please Mr Coffee Cup please bring out a mobile site creator. (Preferably wysiwyg) sob sob !!
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In reply to Dick's comment about using VSD to create a mobile site.It might just be possible. Set the page size to an average sort of mobile screen size. Actually Ive managed to view my webcam page on my Moto v3i, so I dont see why other stuff wont work. Navigation is a bit sticky but getting a basic graphic/text site up and running is fairly easy and is just a matter of shrinking your normal 800x600 page to about 128x96 or so. Of course mobile browsers differ and what might work on one handset might not work on another. I would be very interested in anybodys attempts at using VSD for mobile sites.
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I've created a website that I intend to be optimized first for iPhone, and second for other hi-res smartphones especially Blackberry, and also effective on PC for its very simple single purpose and message.

The website's sole purpose is a short illustrated preview of my new eBook, available for Kindle and Kindle-to-iPhone, and also via MobiPocket for PC plus Blackberry and diverse other handhelds. For this website, I don't want the big garden of diverse sidebars and links that most websites offer, just the opposite: one short illustrated message.

For putting up websites, I am nothing but WYSIWYG.

So I made a single scrolldown . . . after testing on the target devices, I concluded I had to put everything including texts into images of uniform width stacked in a single vertical column, to keep control over how diverse devices display it. Had no concern about pixel width of the stacked images, used 900.

For links at the bottom, used 900-wide images there too.

On my iPhone, Blackberry Bold, and PCs, it does just what I want. iPhone and Blackberry Bold both automatically display its full width at their full display widths, which is crticially important especially for the illustrations.

If anyone wants to create this simple and single-mided a website that works well on iPhone and other hi-res smartphones, take a look at this one:

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