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Off TOPIC - Kind of :) I would like a step by step of how you created the free theme that we can download, so I can work with it and learn the software.
I had to ask support on how to change the text :(

KISS is the key!
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In addition to links to CSS in the Add Resources to Head could we have a "sort of' HTML Insert so that a Google Analytics script may be inserted just prior to the </head> tag.
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I would really like to see the abiblity to define the output page extension as either html, the default, or php. Anybody else?

I am doing php code inserts using the HTM Insert feature, which is great by the way, but then need to remember to rename the page to PHP or nothing works.
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Yep, Alan... If I convert several of my pages/sites, PHP must be easily available since that's what drives the data.
I think... therefore, I'm in a mess....
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Are there any RSD-specific help files/tutorials available yet?

I too have purchased the pre-release version of RSD and like Brett Burgess I would love to see a tutorial on how the 'the_coast.rsd' scheme that was offered for download was created as I'm using this as the only resource I can find to use as my 'learning tool' and I'm struggling in the dark a bit here.

I'd rather learn through hands-on tutorials how to 'build' such a scheme rather than painstakingly try to 'unpick' or 'reverse-engineer' the existing one by my own trial-and-error, which is what I'm doing at the moment, which is slow and tedious.

Any pointers or help would be much appreciated.
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RSD looks good, I'd like:

1. Ability to add text align center to divs with inline content, pretty useful with responsive design on smaller screens.
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2. When updating images, be nice if I didn't have to keep selecting images folder in my resource screen before selecting the image. Perhaps a select default image folder option, in an ideal world :)
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I would LOVE to see you add CMS to RSD. Here is a link with a CMS box. What this allows, is the ability to have a menu of links that changes often, and the ability for an authorized user with a login username and password to be able to edit that menu box without having to open up a Web Editor to accomplish this.
Look here:
Notice the Administrator link in the lower left hand corner. Click on it to get an idea of the login for the CMS Editing.
And if you could host the CMS files on S-Drive, this would allow a LOT of possibilities. The Editor that allows this now is WebPlus X7, or X8. With the CMS ability, I could shift exclusively to CoffeeCup for my web pages. I use a lot of menus on my site and it makes it easy for another user to maintain their pages of links.

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Brett Burgess wrote:
Off TOPIC - Kind of :) I would like a step by step of how you created the free theme that we can download, so I can work with it and learn the software.

Various tutorials are in the works and should be ready for the big(ger) public release :)
The future of web layout has arrived and it's called CSS Grid. CoffeeCup helps you to get ready with a free guide, the Grid Builder app plus cool demos & themes.
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Can choose an option to display are also flex.
Flex has great opportunities

Ger van Veen

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