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great looking web site
Isabel Smith
Isabel Smith Art and Design
Web and Graphic Design, Illustration and Calligraphy, Pet Paintings too!
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Fabled_Alpaca . wrote:
Hey, it's still a work in progress, but I'd love feedback on my RSD site.

Nice... However... the slide show comes up as a narrow band in Firefox full screen on my computer. If I do a cntrl-shift-m and test it's responsive nature, then the full slide image comes up. My screen width is 1920. I would also use a different font for the menu - Arial or Trebouchet MS for example and maybe bold it... or not. :/ The grey text in the red box and large dots doesn't work for me either. Besides being very difficult to read/decipher, the red is too overpowering.... Cheers.
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I created a website for a landscaping client from scratch with RLMP that went live about a year ago:

I just finished the import of this website into RSD, learning RSD as I went along, and except for one glitch, it works like the original. I uploaded the RSD version to my test server:

The remaining problem is on three pages - Landscaping, Hardscaping and Before&After - the Facebook and BBB buttons on the bottom worked correctly until I was getting the galleries to work by putting the Visual Lightbox Galleries Head scripts into the Footer, as I learned elsewhere on the forum. Now these two buttons have shifted to the left on the exported website. However, they are identical to all the other pages when seen in RSD - centered, and stay that way for all page widths.

Now I need some expert advice to try to fix this last issue.
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Here is my first website completed with RSD.
Taking over the world one website at a time!

Steve Kolish

YouTube Channel: … ttneYaMSJA
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Online Now

Looks good Steve
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

This is a site I built for my work.(RSD)
This is a site I built for use in my job.(HTML Editor)
This is my personal site used for testing and as an easy way to share photos.(RLM imported to RSD)
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OldArnie wrote:
Angie Mulligan wrote:
Here you go. Not perfect, but not too difficult for a first attempt.

This was a VSD site that I started from scratch on RSD. Started it Wednesday evening. Still have a bit of work to do (hit the 20 page limit) and definitely need some tweaks.

Great site Angie, by actually creating a multi page site with realistic information in it (possibly real, as I don't know) really shows what RSD's capabilities are, visually.
I haven't created a website yet, but your site will help me the most, when I do.

Strange isn't it that most people seem to have owned "responsive software from CoffeeCup" including myself, for some time yet have waited till now to try it out and see how good it is.
Also a few of the people seem to have used VSD rather than hard code that I use (CoffeeCup HTML Editor as it is the best software on the market) but I don't know how I will go, taking HTML & CSS & making it Responsive :)

Thanks Arnie. It is a site with real information. I also created a responsive site with RLMP and hand coding that I needed to, but this was SOOOO MUCH easier. Not much of a coder, so it was painful. I just finished flipping the RLMP site to RSD.
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Nice website.

One suggestion - center the lightbox gallery... like I did on my RSD website

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Several years ago I made a website for two ladies who liked 70s music because they grew up in that era.

It is not responsive and uses Web Jukebox for the music files. Web Jukebox is not responsive too and use flash which does not work on some modile web browsers. I decided to mimic this site with an RSD implementation and use the new <audio> element for the player. The HTML <audio> element seems to work in all modern versions of computer web browsers and, at least, on an Android mobile device.

The original site is:

The first version of an RSD site is:
This site uses some simple javascript/jQuery code to dynamically select the music file. I wrote the code myself, after. having forgotten how to code anything in jQuery! Files are selected by pressing buttons above the player.

The second version of an RSD site is:
This site again uses javascript/jQuery code to select the music file. I obtained what I thought was better jQuery code from Files are selected from a unordered list and played automatically.

None of the CoffeeCup websites above are my serious web responsibilities, as I maintain several websites that require PHP and are on other host providers.

These RSD websites, however, may be of use to any of use that want to add audio player capabilities to your websites. Look at the page source for any of the pages to see what the code is.

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There's still a few more things to do, but my first RSD effort is live here:

The banner photo is a bit out of date - I'm waiting for some newer ones which will probably be done as a slider of some sort.

I managed to get a responsive map using the tutorial here: … out-maker/
I added the code for the map manually using the HTML editor but I guess I could / should have done it as an HTML element directly in RSD.

Any comments or criticism welcome.

Question: On the contact page when the screen is wide the map is to the left of the contact details. On a narrow screen they both switch to span 12 with the map on top. Is there a way to keep the map on the left but make it go below the contact details when narrow? I tried doing it using two copies of the map column and toggling the visibility of them depending on width but that seemed a bit of a fudge. Is it possible to achieve it using a single column?

Overall I'm very very impressed with RSD and amazed at how quickly I managed to get the site up and running.

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Webmaster wrote:

None of the CoffeeCup websites above are my serious web responsibilities, as I maintain several websites that require PHP and are on other host providers.

I am afraid my comments in another post show a negative attitude toward CoffeeCup and its software. Let me explain further.

I have purchased and installed most of the CoffeeCup software application programs that were ever offered. They are all up-to-date with the latest versions. My most recent purchase was RSD.

I developed and maintain four websites that are written in a Context Management System (CMS). I don't get paid for them as I have no business. I have converted two of them to "responsive" versions with a third awaiting some approval from the owner of the host account and some changes needed from his host provider. These are my "serious" websites. I have another personal host account on another provider which I use as a web development and test platform for a variety of websites written with different web design tools.

I have used HTML Editor for additional pages added to the serious CMS sites before they were made responsive. Lately I have used Web Form Builder forms enclosed in a frame and RLM to make auxiliary web pages for these sites. These auxiliary pages do not have the same theme and structure as the other menu-addressable pages of the website. I will use RSD instead of RLM to make future auxiliary pages where needed.

This last week I made several responsive websites and posted them in various threads on the RSD forum. All of them were done as an exercise. I learned a great deal about using RSD in developing these websites. These websites were all added in folders under my free site: Check my other posts for locations of these websites.

RSD is a great and powerful tool for making "serious" responsive HTML websites. However, I like to use a CMS for websites because menu changes, for example, can be propagated on all pages without any additional work and because all page changes can be made online without having to upload page files. The drawback is that PHP and mySQL must be used for these sites.

Anyway, sorry, Scott, for the long editorial as you have always been most helpful, but I didn't want CoffeeCup to be offended in any way by my previous comments.

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