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Is there a way to center the poster image (the image displayed on phones /smaller screens instead of the video after certain break-points)when using the video element in SD?

It works fine (meaning the video is replaced by the image), but the image needs to be centered, etc. to display correctly.

Or should I not use a poster and just use a bg image at smaller break-points?

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Hi Mark,

I often choose the last option when i want my video background to turn into a image on mobile. I will just keep the background image of the container with what I want to use and set the video container display to none at the mobile breakpoint of the project.
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Steve Kolish

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Thanks, Steve!

Seems that is the best way.

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A simpler way is to leave the poster image as it is and to set the object fit to “cover” for the video element (apply styles= “to all elements of this type”).

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