I'm using Both Studio and the first...

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I'm using Both Studio and the Picture I change, no problem. The I go to see the Preview and move the mouse to the first picture and "online Image" shows UP? I figured it was a COLOR but I checked and No colors are there? I'm not sure how to fix this?

Dumb question! How can I put a TEMPLATE into a Website I created in Site Designer? I tried to save ONE page but it just doesn't work. Can you either tell me, or point me in the right direction. I've actually saved TEMPLATES but they can be save where I want them. weird.
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The free Both Studio template uses background pictures which you have changed in the Styles panel while the Apply Styles section shows In State as Regular. It seems possible that changes now are needed for when the In State is set to Hover: it looks as though at the moment the background image settings in the Hover state are
1. the same Linear Gradient as the original template, and
2. just a default URL background-online-image.

I'm not sure about the matter of putting a template into a website that had been created. I suspect that the problem is that templates are themselves project files. Assuming that the template to be imported uses the same framework, I think it may be possible to import one page of such a template project as follows, but it may be somewhat tricky.
a. In the template project file, add a container (call it, say, 'whole-page'), and in the Elements Tree part of the Inspector panel move all the contents of that page into that newly added container.
b. Make that newly added container into a component.
c. In the project file of the original website add a new blank page, and add the new component there.


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