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Question for the group. If I have the budget for only one app, either Website Builder V3 or Bootstrap Builder, which one should I purchase? What is the basic differences between them?

Thank you.
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If you want to use the Bootstrap framework, I'd say go for SD3. It has the most recent version of Bootstrap. SD3 also have other frameworks built in, if you ever need Foundation, Materialize or Vanilla.

If you are used to Bootstrap from before, you will know that it is built up of 'rows' and 'columns' for the structuring of a page. In SD3 there are 'containers' replacing those rows and columns, so that instead of having two wrapping elements around (parts of) the content, there will be only one. And if you have been using 'flex' positioning earlier, you will be pleased to know that even the outermost container can be positioned flex, which was not possible with the rows.
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Definitely go with SD3! You have all the benefits of BS as well as all the other frameworks. Plus I would suspect that there will be a lot more updates to SD3 than BSB.
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