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I added the 3rd accordion component to my canvas and put content in the 1st & 3rd panels and all 3 title fields, but I can't figure out for the life of me how to expand the center panel to add content. I can preview it and click to drop the panel down and see the Latin in there, but when I exit preview it closes the panel and I can't seem to open it to add my content.

I will also need to extend this accordion to include more panels but do not see where I can add more to it. Do I have to go in and edit the HTML? I can but it would be easier to just use the site designer interface.

I've searched the forum and help files, but all I keep seeing are mentions of accordions as an example of components and not actually how to use accordions in Site Designer.


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Hi Paul
You need go to the inspector panel, there you will see the accordion panels with an eye that is strike through, click on the eye and it will open in the canvas for you to edit the contents.
To add a new panel select the last container with the paneland then right click and duplicate. In goes a new panel, you then need change the new panel ID and then duplicate the last button and change the href link on that button to point to the new
Panel ID
If that's as clear as mud I can do a quick video demo if you like

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