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And to answer your question, 'they' still say it's coming...we just don't know when ...
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Bummer. I just came on to check if there was a way for digital downloads. Weird that CC is ignoring this since perhaps the majority of online marketers sell digital downloads. :(

Glad I did the test and drive today.

Still gotta ask. So there's no way to redirect to a download page after they pay at paypal?

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Not really no, but since a company the size of Walmart can get away with (and I know this from recent experience myself purchasing a cellphone service card that sends the code to you in email) sending you digital codes and products "days" after you purchase it, I can see no reason why you can't just send an email to your customers the download or the link after you get the confirmation email of the purchase. Just state this on the site for them so they know ahead of time that it's not automatic. If it can be allowed for Walmart, then why not everyone else.

*goes back to grumbling about Walmarts delivery policies* LOL

On a more serious note though, no you cannot redirect it "persay", but you can redirect to a page on your site that has the download link. The only issue here is that it would be a public page and pretty much anyone can get to it, so that's not a good idea at all really to do that. Always best to do it either with an automated system setup for digital products, or to use the method above that I mentioned and do it manually when you get the orders.

Doing it manually gives you a lot more control also. That way you can utilize the Website Access Manager program by CoffeeCup too and protect those pages from outside downloaders. You can password protect pages and give that password to the purchasers and make it a 24 hour code or 7 hours or whatever so that they only have a small window to download it before the link expires. This keeps them from sharing it with "too many" people in a short time.

In short though, what you are asking for is not a good idea unless it's a system specifically setup for digital downloads that does redirection with protections etc.

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Just want to add that when I bought CCSCPro I could see from the discussions that digital downloads was a projected development, the time for me to want to use it is looming near but disappointingly no signs of it being implemented yet.

Really good easy to use bit of software, just needs the final polish!

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Digital download must be a difficult update to make to SCCP. It's been anticipated for over 3 years, but not available to date. The "Walmart" type solution is not very elegant. Perhaps some CC users have grown tired of waiting and gone elsewhere for a solution, but some of us are still waiting. Any current projection of when digital download delivery might be available in SCCP?

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Good news is on the horizon. As part of the responsive push we have been told that the sccp will be getting a re-write and alot more options will be added at that time. I am not sure what all will be included but I remain fairly optimistic that features like this and coupon codes and much more will be included in the new build.

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I see that digital download of product has been an issue for some years, With still no upgrade to allow this the software is sort of useless since most bought it thinking there was, as I and many others have. I see that you do not listen to your customers.

You don't tell people before thay buy that they can not use digital download..... mmmmm

I would suggest if you are buying any software to do the free trial first and make sure it will do what you want.....


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