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When will SCC Pro be available? Or did I miss something..
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Hi David,

The word on the street is that it will be available soon. The CoffeeCup team is finalizes the application for the very much anticipated release. It is sure to be huge success. :)
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In the words of that guy Scott "Soon!"


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Hi David. The development of the pro version is more or less completed. Apart from the odd tweak and refinements to the program documentation, it will soon be ready to hit the streets.

I for one will be happy for it to be on the market and be exposed to a much wider user group. At the moment, the pro version will be unique amongst other ecart solutions, in offering an extensively featured direct to payment processor solution.

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So many threads I have been reading carefully, and just abiding my time....
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HAHA, that is great! :)
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Scott Swedorski wrote:
HAHA, that is great! :)

As someone who yesterday received an email from a patient customer, stating: "We need to get together about THE WEBSITE soon!", along with a link to an article called Four Tips for Selecting an Ecommerce Shopping Cart, I'm not laughing quite as heartily as you are.

The "soon" jokes are wearing a bit thin... :/

P.S. Yes -- the customer has been very patient, despite what you're probably thinking. At some point, you just can't afford to wait anymore.

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I'm sure that the Coffeecup team are fully aware that they have lost potential customers (and money) with the delayed release of the pro version. Sadly if the product isn't ready to be launched for whatever reason, then there is nothing to resolve that situation. Until they do get it out on the street it remains a future product that is currently unavailable for general sale.

I have personally replaced the word 'soon' with 'eventually'. Whilst it may not bring a smile to many faces, at least it is far more accurate given the protracted development cycle of this product. :/

It may be that the program is being packed with more features, or interactive tutorials are being developed, but until someone from Coffeecup communicates that fact, anything else regarding the pro version is now just assumption perhaps?

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I fully agree with WILL UK. I myself never do plans with projects I can not control. I´m waiting the Pro Version but until is real I do not include in my close range plans.
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Some time ago I suggested a Semi-Pro version of the CCSC rather tongue-in-cheek. Perhaps not such a nutty suggestion. Add a few features that are inherent in a shopping cart, shipping discount, sub-categories and search. Yes, I know there some have had success integrating their cart with CC Flash Search. I would rather make and list more jewelry than learn another software program, however, it looks more and more like I'll have to go ahead with Flash Search. Perhaps the so very capable CC software developers are trying to do too much too soon.

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