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Hi All.

I used Pro a bit about 8 months ago and but not since so I'm having to re-learn the software

Most/All the pro themes seem to display the categories and stock on one long page. I'd prefer to display the categories on the front and their content on separate pages, can I?

I'm seeing one long page (+static pages), how many pages does Google see? It would be a SOE disaster if the big G decided I had effectively a one page site.

ATB aamcle

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Google sees a page for every item you list in your shop, and I found it was in Google very quickly. There won't be any SEO disasters if you set your shop up correctly. :)

Sitemapper has improved this again for me, and very quickly I may add, plus Yahoo & Bing has improved quickly with Sitemapper too.

Assuming it's done correctly, it won't matter how you list your products, as cart creator creates a page for each product. Utilize the built in SEO for improved search results too. :)

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Hiya Alan,

Just in case you haven't, make sure you download the most current version as I'm sure it's had updates in the past 8 months so you have all the new features to work with then. Have fun with it :)

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