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I can't seem to understand how to get my photos in our store to look crisp and clear and still have the largest photos possible on the Product detail page.

I have the images size set at 500 X 500 on the product page and 550 X 550 on the product detail pages.
The photos on this page are 1440 X 810 and 1312 X 801 and the kb are a little over 110 KB each. … ductid=402

But on other pages the photo size that I uploaded are similar to the photos on this page in dimensions -- but they are crisp and clear.
Can't seem to figure out the best way to do my photos.

Can anyone explain to me about the photos and Designer Pro and what to upload and what to set dimensions at in Pro?

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Usually PNG formatted images, .png, are ideal for retaining clarity when re-sizing images.
Side note: A PNG file is just a different type of image format... like .jpg/.jpeg or .gif.

You would need graphic software to format images into PNG's. I'm not familiar with CC graphic software, but I know their "Web Image Studio" software would be able to help you with this.

Situations can vary with image use, but this should help get you started with your needs.
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I can't tell you the "why" of what is happening, but if you resize your images to the size you want them to be on the site "before" you upload it and not let the program do it for you, you will have a lot better looking results on them. The program isn't an image editor so it's not going to give you the best results possible when it comes to them.

Resize your images to the 500 & 500 and place them in the pages again and you should have a lot better results when uploading.

On a side note Prairie, you should always resize your images for all sites to the size you want it to be on the page and not let software do that for you automatically regardless of what program you're using. So even VSD, HTML Editor, etc. always resize them yourself so you have better results and so that the pictures are loading the correct sizes for bandwidth usage etc. for your visitors.

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