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Scott Swedorski wrote:
I will bet you those quotation marks are not really a " or '. If you look closely at them, they are probably a bit more rounded. This is normall caused by the rich text editor found in a word processor. For the life of me I cannot remember what those are called. ;)

Yup -- when I copied and pasted the text from the stream, it was not question marks -- but funny little boxes. I've seen them before over the years, often when someone creates a post for a forum like this in a word processor and pastes it into the forum's text box.

Question is, how to prevent it? Probably has to come from a bug fix at your end, looking for certain characters or ascii codes and converting them back to single and double quote marks.

So, with help I solved the centered text, and figured out the image layout on my own, and I have to assume you're working on the bug that puts the wrong characters into a post when emailed. That leaves (at this time) only the idea of having a subscription link in the stream itself, and possibly the idea of allowing limited comments -- sort of like Facebook comments. I also came up with another idea -- having a counter somewhere in the stream so I can see if anyone is actually reading it.
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Yup, that's why WP has a paste from Word function. Otherwise, paste into Notepad first, then copy/paste into the application.
CoffeeCup... Yeah, they are the best!
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I have found that it's always safer to paste into Notepad (or your computer's equivalent since I use Notepad ++) and then copy from there. Do this for anywhere you copy text from including the web and you'll always be sure to have the raw text without any hidden aspects of the text.
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OK, guys, point taken, but I think you're losing sight of the fact that I was posting to S-drive by email with photos, that Notebook doesn't handle images and email posts myst be from the sender's login address and Notebook doesn't handle that very well, and if I compose in Notebook and copy and paste into my email text box, it's still going to produce those funny codes.

It seems pretty obvious to me that it has to be handled on the S-Drive end -- convert all rich text codes to basic text, problem solved.

I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be where we report our experiences with S-Drive and staff is supposed to be taking note? I'm happy to do whatever work-arounds are necessary in the early days, but if a feature does not work -- as email from Windows Live Mail does not work properly at present -- that's a bug.

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