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I'm still new to webhosting and I'm unsure about the storage space thing. I have 3 sites I need to build, all will have separate accounts. One is a shop, one is a page for my band, and one is a page for my photography studio. My concern is, will even the 20g plan give me enough space. I'm not really worried about the band page, but the other two will have a ton of photos on them. Should I even bother with s-drive for those? I've been looking at, but s-drive is so much less expensive and I love that it's integrated with coffee cup's software which I already have. Can anybody offer me some advice?
Also, is it possible to transfer a domain I already have to s-drive's server? Thanks!
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20GB is quite a bit of space and probably more then you think you will ever need. An easy way to check is in windows just look at the disk space that all of your photos are taking up and that will give you an idea of what you need. We have some very large shops hosted on S-Drive and I have never seen any of them break 1GB.

Using your own domain is also doable and very easy to setup. We have instructions here at … rive-site/ on how to do this.
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Thank you very much! I love how great the customer service is with Coffee Cup. :D
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Oh yes, I have 13 websites on a host and only have used 38gbs. :P
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I know this is an old topic now, but just read it... Angelfire "free" websites give 20 MB of space and I used to make these (like photo sites for people) and only filled one up once. To compare it to 20 GBs!

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