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I am helping out a church with their site and they love having email updates to their stream. They have been updating with text and photos but in the last week the text moves when displaying the first page of the stream. The text is perfect on all of the other pages, just the first page of the stream. I am using the stock embed code from CC and it was working just fine. Any suggestions would be helpful!

www.ltwchruch.com is the site.
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Link >> http://www.ltwchurch.com/

I've seen this when a <div> tag doesn't get closed, usually from not getting all the code in a cut/paste into VSD. But I don't see any missing. There is this in your text though:

html> body> div#container> div> div#sdri...ontainer> .......
font> font#yui...043_3002> font> font> font#yui...83_20560> div> span

Somehow it's getting mixed up with your Stream CSS.
Have you tried removing the Stream and re-embedding it?
You could also use an Iframe instead of the embed method so the Stream code would remain separate from the site.
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