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I have a form where the data goes to s-drive.

There are some users who "fat finger" something and want that information changed.

Using my own hosted Mysql i could go into the database and edit it. Can this be done on the s-drive database?

I cannot find a place to do it BEFORE i download the data.
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I am sorry, but you cannot do that on S-Drive. Interesting idea though. ;)
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Yes it is important. In my case, the form was used as a registration for Soccer Tryouts. There are several people (each coach at each age level) who look over and download the database so the data itself must be correct BEFORE it is downloaded.

You cannot believe the amount of people who screw up their kids names and birthdates.

That Birthdate HAS TO BE CORRECT or the child will be put into the wrong group when they show up. There is a confirmation email that goes out for them to "double check" the submitted information and that is where the mistake is caught. I then get the email, have to copy the information down, delete the entry and enter it myself.

I have tested it on my own MYSQL database and if used that way (although not as nice as s-drive) i can at least edit the entry that was "fat fingered" and move on. A much easier process for the "web guy".

i hope you can make that change in the future.:cool:
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Maybe the solution is for the submit button to return a confirmation page where the person filling out the form is shown what will be submitted and asked to review/edit it. A high percentage of people would likely spot their own error and correct it then, before final submission.
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