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I think you need to separate the calendar grid from the background. Do you have any other software you could use to make this? Some sort of office software? Or Google for calendar creators.
You could also take the CC Calendar Maker for a free trial spin :D

A few other suggestions...
The map takes a long time to load (for me, anyway). If you look up your address on Google maps, you can get a snippet of code to embed the map on a webpage. So you could make another page for your site and have the map and any other useful info someone might need right there – no need to leave the site (see map at bottom of this page: (< created with VSD)

If you make your pages a little longer, maybe they could all be the same length, but that's not critical.
On the home page, the paragraph under the photo could shift to the left and the information could go underneath the photo and text to take up the extra space if the page was made longer.

Getting picky here :D : You might try spreading the logo and title text out some, while bringing the menu items in closer to one another so everything lines up (looks more balanced).

Last thing – Make the logo a link to your home page ;)

Whatever you come up with for the calendar, check back in the VSD or Web Dev forum if you need some help adding it into your page :)

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No one answered this question of the thread originator:

it wont let me edit my last post...i have the site up and running, it was fairly simple thanks for the help. Here is the website I was working on...

i have some things I need to edit, add, etc but the home page is done.

I did a search looking for the answer to the question too and it is not here in the search results

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Hiya Greg,

What part of the OP's question is related to yours and wasn't answered? If it's about editing your last post you have I believe 10 minutes, after that it's not editable. If it's about something else, at this point it would probably be a good idea to state what exactly your problem is so we can be of better assistance.

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"it wont let me edit my last post...i have the site up and running, it was fairly simple thanks for the help. Here is the website I was working on...

i have some things I need to edit, add, etc but the home page is done."

Guess this was not clear I was quoting Justin in my post
I was referring to his question about not being able to edit his site question The answers he got went on and on about what to edit but did not address his question about being unable to edit

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Ok my mistake for not understanding what you meant there.

You "should" always be able to edit your posts by logging into your CoffeeCup account and going to your S-Drive page. Once there you should already see the list of your posts on your Stream. If you get that far and see that list there should be a little button at the end of each line for each post that looks like a little gear which is a dropdown list. Click that and you should see Edit on that list, click it and edit your post.

If that doesn't work please explain what isn't working. In other words, does it not show up to Edit? Does the gear image not show up at all? Are you not seeing the list of posts? Is the Stream not showing at all?

Need to know exactly where the issue is to know how to help. :)

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OK my mistake I was not thinking of editing the forum post I was thinking of his editing his site guess I am the one not understanding
again I spent alot of time spinning my wheels

My search was for editing the site guess the search engine misunderstood too

I need to change the settings on my CCFTP and also the VSD so I have to decide whether to file in S-drive or ftp or vsd

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hehe I think we are on the wrong paths all the way around today :P The original poster was talking about not being able to edit his post here in the forums.

My post is about S-Drive posts, not the forum posts (my first post was about the forum posts, but the last one wasn't). I was under the assumption you were talking about posts on the Stream in S-Drive so that's what the instructions above are for.

Having said that... are you having issues with editing your settings for VSD, FTP or S-Drive? Or... lets just start over and ask what exactly are you having issues with :P

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