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1. How do you preview other devices? Currently the touchpad and mobile device icon is disabled.
2. How do you center images in a column?
3. How do you add the actual image to the image container?

Let's start with those and see if I can get an answer.


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What you need to do to preview on other devices is to upload you exhorted code and related files to your server and view it that way.

To centre images in a column you select the image element and change the styles. Set it to block and then put the check marks under margin on both sides on automatic.

to add the image select it and under path put it to the location on your server where the image will be uploaded to. I usually put all my images in an images folder on the server. Please note that you will not be able to see the images in the program preview itself.

Hope that gets you started. You may also want to search "rlmp quicksand guide" to find more helpful information.
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Steve wrote:
...exhorted code...

Definition: Exhorted code - code that feels really good about itself.

Sorry, couldn't resist
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I noticed that typo too, but was able to resist. My career as a teacher has ended with my retirement, and I'm not so quick with my red marker any more. :lol:
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