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If I create a site without breakpoints, then start working it down - am I correct in assuming that a new css sheet based on a viewport of the breakpoint size is created that only includes the changes I make - but all of the elements remain?

Yes you are absolutely correct.

In other words, I can adjust the style properties but I cannot add or delete elements?

You cannot add or delete elements at any breakpoint. You can only display:none; or display:block, in line... Etc...

Can I create new rows/move an element from say... the top row to a new second row?

The only way to achieve this is to have the element in both rows and display:none; the element in the second row until you get to the breakpoint you want it to show. Then display:block; to it and display:none to the element in the first row.

Lastly - can I delete elements or add elements or replace elements (for example insert a different size version of a graphic) depending on breakpoint? Am I correct in assuming (as of this date) that the breakpoint is a visual reference that translates to viewport min or max width settings in a style sheet?

You are correct about the breakpoints. They do add media queries at those breakpoints and you can adjust css stylings at each point. No you cannot add/replace/delete elements at any breakpoint without deleting them from the project.
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