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I recently canceled my subscription to the sDrive for Responsive Email for Business.

Since this change, I've noticed a pattern that I find distressing. When I look to export my email to HTML, the generator fails once then connects. EVERY TIME.

I'm frustrated because the notice of this suggests the server is "too busy" to execute the export but it then works immediately on the second attempt. This is suspicious because the pattern seems to be not because of server load at all but rather, just a nag to annoy users into updraging their service and CoffeeCup gets there residual revenue of $9/m. This isn't a lot of money but it makes more sense to use my own platform.

Has anyone else experienced this same scenario?
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You do not have a Mailer Subscription (you cancelled that on Tuesday) so if any images are linked in under Add Images, you need to remove those and link each one to an Online URL. Please visit EXPORTING YOUR RED PROJECT and follow the steps outlined.

Should you change your mind and want to try Mailer again, you can upgrade at anytime here:

I would also make sure you are not using RED Mailer (look at the top of the app) but instead are using RED for Business.
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I wasn't using RED Mailer. I uninstalled that so I was certain my file associations would open R.E.F.B.

I could be wrong. It may have been a glitch behaviour. However when trying to publish an email yesterday I had to go back and do several exports. Every second export attempt was successful after a failed attempt with a message that the service was too busy to compile the email code. After about a dozen times I was frustrated because the notice was consistently stopping me from exporting every other time.

It should be noted that all my images were hosted elsewhere and linked online as directed.

[UPDATE]: I have tried a few exports to see if I could screen cap the notification I was receiving and it hasn't come up. I'm hoping this was an isolated occurrence yesterday. Responsive Emailer for Business is a great product and has cut my build times by 60%. I understand the charge for hosting images.

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