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Free Responsive Email Designer

Responsive Email Designer

“Most Amazing!”

— Alexandros Ziniatis

Web Form Builder

“Best Form App I've ever used!”

— Ted Bragg

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What is CoffeeCup Mailer?

The name of this service is ‘Mailer’. We created Mailer to offer benefits that complement Responsive Email Designer and Web Form Builder. Examples include the automatic storage of form submit results and snazzy form stats (visits, fill-out attempts). Mailer also offers no-hassle image hosting for HTML emails.

What do I get?

Mailer includes free usage of two immensely popular apps, Responsive Email Designer and Web Form Builder. There are great time savers like priority support, faster email processing, plus automatic image uploading & hosting. Additional cool services are on the way…

How does Mailer work with the Apps?

While Mailer is active, the free versions of RED will have the same tools as the paid versions. Web forms can be uploaded and activated with a single click. Use them stand-alone or embed the form in any page or blog with a simple paste.

Mailer is free, right?

The mailer plan is currently $99 per year. Give us a call at 1-678-495-3480 to tell you all about it and to get startered right away !!

Tell me about these exclusive perks!

Here’s one that will make your mouth water: access to all our new apps before they are publicly released (to non-Mailers). Yup, at no additional fee!