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What is CoffeeCup Mailer?

The name of this service is ‘Mailer’. We created Mailer to make secure Form Hosting (https) and Responsive Email Design SUPER EASY. The Mailer plans includes the benefits of Responsive Email Designer and Web Form Builder. These two programs are a must have when you are a MailChimp customer. Make custom web forms to collect your customer data and intergrate with MailChimp. Then style your emails and paste the HTML code in your MailChimp Campaign (or any other Email Service Provider for that matter). No hassle Form integration into your own servers, Form Builder creates your PHP and confirmation Email settings - yay ! Mailer provides super easy mySQL integration as well.

Mailer is priced right!

The mailer plan is currently $10.75 a month ($129 billed per year). Email us at helpme@coffeecup.com so we can tell you all about it and to get started right away !!

Tell me about the exclusive perks!

Here’s one that will make your mouth water: access to all our new apps before they are publicly released (to non-Mailers). Yup, at no additional fee!

How about canceling ..... ?

We have been around the internet since 1996 Y E A H ,and we are obvioulsy NOT a bunch of pirates. When our service and product no longer improve your productivity and effectiveness, then just cancel, no questions asked.

What do I get?

Mailer includes free usage of two immensely popular apps, Responsive Email Designer and Web Form Builder - free upgrades whilst on the Mailer plan. There are additional great time savers like priority support, automatic email processing, plus seamless image uploading & hosting. We are constantly improve this service, so additional cool services are on the way…

How does Mailer work with the Apps?

Just log into the apps with your CoffeeCup.com credentials to unleash your productivity. Your Web forms can be uploaded and activated with a single click. Use them stand-alone or embed the form in any page or blog with a simple paste. Log into Responsive Email Designer to automatically host any images you may have in the email you are about to send out.