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Struggling with RCS that I bought yesterday. Very excited about the program but I need more of a tutorial. Honestly I find that the help guide is a better sales tool than a training tool. I checked through the forums and unless i missed it, I did not see anything there that I have not already read.

The software give me the impression that it is very intuitive, which I like. But in many cases I don't get the same results, for one example maintaining slideshow height. There are too many variables that I do not understand their impact so trial and error is painfully slow.

An overview of slideshow components would be good. I also need to understand things like the need and application of type, class, and id. In general element details explanation and what they are for would be beneficial.

Your right, a programmer I am not. But that is why I bought your software. Not looking for specific answers...

basically want to know is anything forthcoming?
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Totally Agree
This is something missing and in my opinion essential

Beginning to Regret Buying it, there are others out there that do just as good a job and are way more simple to use (espcially for beginners) but I will try plod on with RCS hope It comes in the end

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