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Hey Everybody!

I can't believe July is already here. Each month that I write these, it amazes me just how fast each one goes by! We have a lot of little things on the burner right now, so once we wrap all these up, be ready for a lot of cool things to hit the market. ;)

Power Post for iPhone and Android:

If you were one of the lucky ones to receive a private invite from us to test Power Post for the iPhone, then we know you are totally loving the newfound ability to post to your Stream with a slick mobile interface. Very shortly we will have an Android version that will have similar functionality as well. Once the beta process is complete, you will find both of the programs inside of the App Store and Android Market.

Web Image Studio:

A major update to this program is about to be released with just loads and loads of new features. We're still ensuring that the program is simple and easy to use, but we're including some very power functionality as well. Features such as the ability to add your own images, drawing tools and more will make this a must-have CoffeeCup application.

Shopping Cart Creator and Shopping Cart Designer

If all goes well this month, we'll have a nice update to these programs that offers a bit more access to the themes, allowing you to customize certain aspects that you didn't previously have control over. Items like navigation, add to cart, view details, update cart, and delete all were hard coded. You will soon have the ability to change those to whatever you like! These new options will get you closer to fully having a shop in your own native language.

Form Builder:

We are very close to having a dual release of Web Form Builder for Windows and OS X. This update will be all HTML/CSS (no Flash) and will work with S-Drive. It has been in the making for almost a year and we are now just putting in the final user interface changes. If we don't hit any major hurdles, we should be able to release this into a fast beta in August.

HTML Editor:

As many of you know by now, we did release an update to the HTML Editor (two of them, actually). You can find more information on each of these updates here:

HTML Editor 12 now supports Internet Exploder 9

HTML Editor 12 and Free HTML Editor 9.6 are ready for ya!

We have had a few people ask us why this version is called 12 and not 2011. This is actually the 12th version of the HTML Editor that we have released over the years. We decided to move away from the version being tied with a year and instead go with the version release build number.

Also, keep an eye open this week for a great special on the HTML Editor. You will not want to miss out on this! :)

Direct FTP:

Direct FTP has had some work performed on the core of the program as well as the Transfer Activity Window. Much of the redesign of the new Transfer Activity Window was designed by you, our users. We have received some very positive feedback as well as some negative, too. We're going to to take another close look at this program once some of our other projects wrap up and see how we can adjust the software a bit and make all of our customers happy.

Our Stream:

To help keep everyone better informed as to what is going on here at CoffeeCup, we do have our own Stream page with plenty of information on it. This is the best place to find information on the latest updates to your favorite CoffeeCup programs. We'll still announce this through our Facebook and Twitter accounts, of course.

Re-Organized Theme Download Center:

We took some time this past week and re-organized things. Here's what you'll find:

1. We added a section that tells you the date of your last downloaded update to

2. Themes are no longer organized by program and bundle name. Now we're just organizing them by program name. This should make it much easier to locate the theme you're looking for.

Well, that's about it this month. ;)
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All looks really cool :cool:, really looking forward to a lot of this stuff.

Great work Coffeecup Team :)
Karl Williams.
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Busy, busy and more busy...thanks Scott and Team.
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Scotty, great work from u and yr team....all those announcements ...but really I do not think anyone is looking forward to an Internet exploder V9 by MS (LOL)...
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Thank you!!! I just made my first form & WOW it is amazing. My website is sooo professional! ...I love the auto response & everything is working great with the delivery of the form information to email. I'm also loving the CoffeeCup Photo Gallery software!!! :cool::cool: I uploaded the sand, paper, and brick themes yesterday & I can't make enough galleries!! ;) Liz
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Not that I can take any merit for what the CC guys build, but I am happy to know that you are happy anyway!

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