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  • Bio: Live in Holland. Province Noord Brabant. Born in the Caribbean. Background 21 years in trading and commercial managerial positions, Shipping & Travel. (Degrees: Bach. Degree Marketing, IATA travel agent + 8 more certificates i.a. welfare & support). Hobbies: Video-editing (Pinnacle systems, been there in tech support..done that 3 years), nature-photograpy, building web-sites [since some years] and assembling scale model vehicles 1:25 or 1:24. Have 3 sites (made 7 others for contractors.....have no gun.. but will travel.) Since dec. 08 using mainly CC for Site-building, have used Macromedia (Not Adobe yet then) suite and SwishMax4.....{still do sometimes}. Enjoying all what CC has to offer....Presently (01-2015 working with several Civil-engineers on large-scale projects based on GIS for developing countries. (Costa Rica, Dijbouti and Suriname)

    Languages spoken: Dutch, English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Papiamento { and asap Japanese and Italiano) .....Komapgsumnida (Korean)....my favourtite movie: : "The Man from Nowhere"...

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