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LockBox is a very useful little utility so much better than keeping an encrypted ms word file. I try to avoid printing or exporting data from it because it seems to defeat the whole purpose but when I have need to, the option from Export pdf and from Print Preview or Print, "detailed all information" omits the information in the "Notes" field.

Why is this?
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Mike's post is old, but so far is the only one I could find pertaining to LB not printing the Notes field when in print preview.

The Notes section does not show in the print preview, nor does it print. It will not show or print any entries for the Notes field. It will only show and print the actual Field Name.

All custom fields, address, phone, etc. fields are shown and printed. The only one that does not show and print is Notes.

Is there any way to get the Notes entries to print?

Is there any way to eliminate the printing of any field names that do not have an entry?

I like this program, however I would like to print out a back-up of all my passwords and account information and notes to keep in a safe box just in case.

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In the latest release, the notes print for me.
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