Lockbox and mobile devices

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Can Lockbox be used on mobile devices? I have recently purchased Lockbox and am only now kicking it's tires. I would like to be able to use the program and associated encrypted file on my iphone, as well as on my computer.

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Coffeecup?? Any thoughts on this?
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Hey Michelle,

Currently we do not have a mobile version of the software. We do hope to one day get there, but for now, we are focusing on our responsive apps.

Hope that helps! :)
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I think it is a great feature to add a mobile app. Having an app that can read the file and open it would help greatly. Please do remember to most folks use their phone more so than a computer when it comes to this application. I am looking forward to this app being mobile.
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This is a great idea and I touched upon it in another thread. 1Password is the password app I use at the moment and it is streets ahead of anything else out there. Yesterday I reluctantly bought a one year subscription as my free trial had ended. That's the model they are employing now, as many other companies already have done. Originally it was an app you could buy and that was it. Now I've just spent £35 for a year's access to it!

This is where CoffeeCup could capitalise. If they built a mobile app for LockBox, I would move over. Preferably with no subscription attached though!
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Are you any closer to providing a mobile Lockbox app?

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