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Image Map Photo in a different directory

Image mapper does not recognize when a photo your using is in a different directory. It normally just writes in the code "picturename.jpg", this means when you insert the code in your html page, you have to upload the "picturename.jpg" to the same directory to get the picture to show.

But you can get around that upload your picture to the directory you want to save on your web server. Then edit the image src code to use the actual url the picture is located on your web server (SAMPLE: <img src ="" ) Then insert the modified code in your html file.

Note: If you edit the image map in the future you will have to change picture url each time. But for those who like to keep a well organized webserver will be glad they did.

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Did you know that the "HTML" window (just below the editing area) is select-able? That means that you can select the code and copy it (i.e. put it in the "clipboard") and then paste it into your HMTL document:

1. Right-Click in the HTML window (i.e. right on top of the code)
2. A menu will pop-up and when it does, click on Copy Map to Clipboard...
3. In your HTML document, click somewhere within the <body>...</body> and do Ctrl+V (or usually Right-Click will expose a menu with Paste)

Batta-bing -- your map is now part of your website!

Note: You will, likely, need to move the <img> line to a place in your code where you want the image to show.
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