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I have come across the following problem(s):

1) when I view a new html page in split screen mode, it does not preview correctly. It acts as if it can't find the stylesheet or the graphics. Yet when I do a preview in the browser (FF, IE, Chrome) it looks fine. To double check this problem, I copied a full page (head and all) of a working page and pasted into a "new" html page. The problem persists.

2) So that I wouldn't have the spacing between paragraphs that is added as default, I use break tag between paragraphs. I started noticing things weren't quite right even in the pages that were previewing correctly when I removed the br tag from between paragraphs (where I didn't want the default spacing) and replaced with paragraph tags (to see what would happen) and the "default paragraph spacing" was not being applied. If i then copied those paragraphs and pasted into a new html, the default spacing appeared.

So can someone help me out here! I have gone through all the normal stuff: restart program, reboot, reinstall Editor...no change. I could really use some help.

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Just tried a "save as.." and the page previews correctly! So why does this work and the copy/paste does not? I'm confused!
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Hi Linda,
I'm not sure what would cause that but I think the best thing to do is to open a support topic and see if the CC gurus can point you to the issue. Post back when you get an answer.
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Try this. Go to the Tools Menu > Preferences > Browser Testing and then for Internal Preview Uses, set that to Internet Explorer 11 and restart the Editor.
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IE 11 is already chosen. I have noticed that eventually the page previews, but not until I save it, close it and reopen it. Still doesn't seem right. And I can't figure out why the default paragraph spacing is not showing. So I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out if I was doing something wrong and I don't think I am. Perhaps I should start a support topic. It's difficult to have confidence in what I'm seeing as I'm doing the markup when I'm not to confident in the preview.

Thanks for the help!

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