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Dumb question du jour...
Is there an easy way to make my website multilingual without doing complete makeovers for every page in several languages?
I'm building a site for our home which we would like to rent out for the duration of the 2010 winter olympics.
The site would be targeted to Europe and Asia and I do not speak either Asian or European ;-)
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The only answer I know is No. Do not make the mistake of using on-line (automated) translators to change entire web pages to other languages.
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I would translate only the header of your page meaning what calls the attention like "House for rent for the duration of the 2010 winter olympics", "Maison à louer pendant les Jeux olympiques 2010", "Casa para el alquilere", etc. (this one I had AltaVista Babel Fish Translation do it for me. I don't know how it sounds but translation to French was terrible). I would think that a lot of people in Europe and Asia read English, if not, they could have their own computer do it for them.

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As a European I would say that most most us can read at least some English. ;) I agree with Cliff in his opinion about the on-line translations, and with Lucie about just translating the headers.

If needed, contact me (mail address in profile) for translating the headers into Norwegian or German (I don't have time for any more than the headers!). Maybe someone else reading this can do you a favour in translating into some other language ;)
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Inger, thanks for the offer!
I have plenty of friends to help with the translations, I was just hoping for a lazy man's way to get the job done.
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