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The new HTML Editor V17 build 876 has hit the web! It is packed with a series of helpful interface and workflow features. Get the details on this latest release below.

Large Toolbars
Added Show Large Toolbar, Edit Toolbar Preferences, menus to the Tools menu submenu and toolbars. We also added a large toolbar option to Preferences, customization tab. Plus, there is a Show Large Toolbar button at the far right end of the toolbar.

Quick Find Panel
Edit menu, Quick Find Panel (Ctrl+Alt+F) will show the Quick Find Panel. This feature will search the current document. The Quick Find Panel also features the ability to use Regular Expressions to search the document. This feature also includes Match Case and Match Whole Word options.

Customized Toolbar Changes
Saved toolbar configurations are now displayed better in the Tools menu, Toolbars and Menus submenu. Current toolbar is now indicated with a checkbox.

External Preview Browsers
The Browser Testing tab in the Preferences dialog now includes an Automatically detect installed browsers button. After pressing this button you will be presented with a list of browsers detected and you can choose which ones to add. This list is gathered from the Windows Installed Browsers registry entry.

Side/Bottom Preview Toggle
There is now a Toggle Preview side/bottom menu item under the view menu (Ctrl+F12). This feature was previously added for testing, but there was not a menu item for it.

Misc Changes
  • Paste Content as Table under the Edit menu now determines table columns based on tab characters in the (plain text) clipboard content.
  • Paste Lines as Paragraphs under the Edit menu now pastes each line from the clipboard as a paragraph tag.
  • Set Bookmark menu items under the Document menu now indicate already assigned bookmarks (book with an arrow on it).
  • Added Jump to Start Tag and Jump to End Tag menus to the View menu.</li>
  • Authentication Error/details dialog now has a "Show Log" option.
  • More detailed Authentication log entries.
  • Markdown file types are now shown in the File Types in the File Save/Save As dialog.
  • Markup Folder structure is now extracted when missing.
  • In the Preferences dialog, Use Other Account now prompts for email/password before replacing previous credentials.
  • Assigned Ctrl+T to New From Template.
  • If you hold down the CTRL key when clicking a recent file in the menu or toolbar, it will be removed from the list.
  • If you Save a toolbar, we now automatically turn on the "Save toolbar and menu configuration on exit" option located in Preferences->Customization tab.

  • Tag Start/End highlighting would find matching start/end tags in HTML comments.
  • Fixed Index out of bounds error if the tips.dat file is missing (in the tips dialog).
  • Typing in CSS file could cause a hang under certain circumstances.
  • Replaced Split-screen preview icon with one that doesn't have an edit pencil on it.
  • Template Downloader list improvements when searching for templates.

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Greetings! Editor 17 Build 882 is out now!

The CoffeeCup HTML Editor update brings color to your code editing!

Color values are now colorized in the code editing window. This makes it much easier to identify colors applied to your content while you work. Color values on the current line are now shown in their appropriate color. Hex values, RBG, RGBA, HSL, and HSLA are supported. Colors are colorized regardless of whether or not they are inside of HTML tags. If a line wraps, the full line will be colorized.

Special keyboard hotkeys have been designated for managing your color workflow too:
  • Use CTRL+Click to choose a color to edit in the color dialog.
  • ALT+Click will change the color format. The order of the change is Hex to RGB to HSL to Hex.
  • Press ESC three times quickly to temporarily remove the color code colorization.

The Preferences dialog > Customization tab offers options to control the colorizing of color values. The options are: None, Full color behind text, and Underline text with color. Underline is a more subtle colorizing:

140+ named colors are also supported:

Color Dialog Improvements
The color dialog has been improved to support alpha transparency, as well as showing the code that will be inserted. Other improvements are an option for the type of color format to insert, such as Hex, RGB, RGBA, HSL, HSLA. The alpha versions will be used automatically if needed. If a color is selected before showing the dialog, the color format will be detected automatically. If the selected text is a named color (like firebrick, floralwhite, forestgreen, etc.) when the color dialog is shown, the color will be accurately rendered for the color dialog. (even when code colorization is off.)

Right-click a color for a color context menu:

Editor Highlighting Options Improvements
The Preferences dialog, Customization tab now has a Reset button for returning to the default Highlighting and Options for each highlighter. The Colorize code colors mode option has been added.

The active document highlighter (if there is one) updates when Modify Highlighting, Modify Options, or Reset is performed so that changes can be seen before dismissing the Preferences dialog.

The Modify Highlighting and Modify Options buttons now open the improved Editor Options dialog. A larger and easier to use dialog now gives you highlighter and options in a single dialog.

Miscellaneous Changes:
  • Javascript files (*.js) now have a syntax highlighter.
  • CSS files can now have the default background and foreground colors modified. (You may have to reset your current settings for CSS files)
  • Check for updates now occurs sooner in the start sequence.
  • Preferences, Folders Tab: Folder paths now have a menu when right-clicked. Options: Open in Windows Explorer, Copy to clipboard.
  • When Opening a file, it is now checked for the Read Only attribute. If found, the user will be asked if they want to try to remove it.
  • File, New From Template/Layout... shortcut is now Ctrl+Alt+N, was Ctrl+T conflict with Insert Target.
  • Double Clicking a hex value such as #00FF00 will now also select the starting # symbol.

Pick up a copy or download a free trial at:
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CoffeeCup HTML Editor Version 18 Is Here!!
The CoffeeCup HTML Editor Version 18 brings more user interface color improvements, additional productivity features, along with some miscellaneous tweaks and bug fixes.

Most Notable feature improvements:
  • Load and Save Syntax Highlighter color schemes
  • Pre-installed dark color schemes
  • Auto Correct/Change
  • Code Templates
  • PHP Syntax Checking

Editor Options Dialog Changes
The Editor Options dialog can now be shown directly from the tools menu via Highlighter Colors, Options, Auto Correct, Code Templates... menu (or Ctrl+Alt+,) [Control+Alt+Comma). There is a button in the old location in the Preferences Customization tab as well.

The Editor Options Dialog is larger and resizable. You can modify the settings for all of the document types (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, Text) without leaving the Editor Options dialog. Please note, each of the document types have their own Highlighter, Options, Auto Correct, and Code Template settings.

The Save and Apply Changes button will save your changes and then if applicable to the document type, it will update the currently open document in the Editor so you can see the changes before dismissing the dialog.

The Reset button will reset the installed parser file to the installed state. There is an option in the dialog to preserve your Auto Correct and Code Templates.

Highlighter Tab Changes

Highlighting Color Schemes menu button: Load, Save, and Delete color schemes. Color schemes are saved in the parsers folder with the "*.scs" file extension. Use the Open Parsers Folder button to quickly access this folder.

The Example code for the HTML highlighter has been improved. Edit the example, by modifying the html.html file in the Parsers folder.

There is now a Show only monospaced (fixed-width) fonts option since most developers prefer to work with fixed-width fonts.

There is now a Swap Colors button.

Improved Foreground and Background Color buttons, these have been made the same as in Quick Start. Don't forget, click the color for a browse dialog (now the CoffeeCup Common Color dialog), click the arrow to drop down the quick color picker.

Clicking on the Gutter in the Highlighting tab Syntax Editor now selects Gutter in the list.

Clicking on the Left Margin in the Highlighting tab Syntax Editor now selects Left Margin in the list.

Clicking below the last line of sample code text in the Highlighting tab now selects Default Text instead of doing nothing.

Options Tab Changes

General Layout improvements and mouse hover hints are now included for each option.

There was a bug in the Editor Options Block Indent Step Size and Default Tab Stop settings, you may need to adjust these settings. Previously, the Editor inserted twice as many characters than it was supposed to. Also, the Indent/Unindent menu items did not use these correctly.

Auto Correct/Change Tab Addition

Auto Correct/Change will substitute a word when one of the actuation keys is pressed. This feature can be used to correct mis-typed words, or used to expand abbreviations to save you typing time. For example, you may want to be able to type bkgc and have that auto correct to background-color. The possibilities are endless!

Code Templates Tab Addition

Snippets are great for larger code templates that may need explanation, but Code Templates are also useful for quickly inserting commonly used code.

There are two ways to use Code Templates:
  • Type all or part of the code template name and then press the activation key (Ctrl+J by default). If there is an exact match for what you have typed, the code template will be inserted. If there is no match, or a partial match, the code templates list will pop up.
  • Press the activation key (Ctrl+J by default) to show a list of all Code Templates, then double-click or press enter to insert one.

Use the text %cursor% to specify the location of the cursor after the code template is inserted. The text will be removed and the cursor placed at that location.

The main window template popup looks like this:

Miscellaneous Additions, Changes, and Fixes

The main interface document tab colors now matches the current parser colors.
  • The added Syntax Check PHP menu is located under the Documents menu.
  • There was a bug in the Editor Options Block Indent Step Size and Default Tab Stop settings, you may need to adjust these settings. Previously, the Editor inserted twice as many characters than it was supposed to. Also, the Indent/Unindent menu items did not use these correctly.
  • When the Editor Options Cursor beyond End of Line was on, insertions beyond the natural end of the line sometimes resulted in the cursor being placed in the wrong location after the insertion.
  • Main Window Status Bar Column value was off when the "Cursor beyond EOL" option was turned on and the cursor was beyond EOL.
  • Syntax Editor Gutter Font color is now automatically changed to a contrasting color based on the Gutter Color (white/black).
  • Colorization of code colors was causing a "flashing" of various User Interface items while typing.
  • Backspace with text selected when the cursor was beyond the end of a line (Highlighter Options include Cursor Beyond EOL) did not delete text, it just did the same as cursor left.

Whew! What a list! Pick up your copy of the HTML Editor V18 today!
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