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I created my new pages in CC HTML Editor.

Click F11 for external viewer. All is well. It works in WaterFox or MS Internet Explorer. But in a bowser like Chrome or Edge the page in HUGE. The browser is not zoomed.

in the <head> section, I have tried adding:
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no">

Has no effect.

I built my whole website before, and never seen this problem before. Searched Google as well as I can, but I am totally confused, exhausted and frustrated.

If you can help me, God will bless you several times in a row :-)

Thanks in advance.
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I had a problem a few months ago while SD testing with IE which I believed not to be zoomed. That turned out not to be the case as IE somehow was remembering previous zooming (which I did not recall) on a particular page. I think the same was happening with Edge, though that was not in its latest version. Even rebooting the computer did not remove IE's memory of zooming for particular pages.

Whilst I doubt that this would be the problem mentioned in the above post, it would be very quick and easy to see whether perhaps Edge and Chrome are somehow remembering zooming for the particular pages being worked on. The fact that they are not zoomed for other pages does not seem to be a reliable guide regarding pages for which zooming has been used: I have just now tested and discovered that.

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Keith, could you please post the URL for that site, so we can see it? I don't know 'WaterFox', is it a 'sibling' of FireFox?
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Inger, Norway
This site was made before we were able to create components through the app:
Component sharing for RFF, RBB, RSD and SD: https://eikweb.com/sharing/
My work in progress right now:
Components for the same as above + HTML Editor: https://mock-up.coffeecup.com

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There is some interesting information in the last answer here.


PS. I used to use Waterfox, which was a 64 bit offshoot from Firefox before Firefox itself got a 64 bit edition. FC

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