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Control F doesn't seem to work in the editor!
The standard Find window comes up and appears to
take the word I need to search for but then it always returns
nothing found despite the fact that the word/words are there

It is the same whether I check current document or not
Any ideas would be welcome, works fin on all my office stuff
64 bit win 10
Fred Thorp

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It works for me in HTML Editor version 15.3 build 797 on 64 bit Windows 10. It may be that the problem is more technical than what is mentioned below, but sometimes I am caught out by the different ways in which different programs operate similar functions.

I have to watch that I don't press the Enter key after typing in the relevant word, but just click on Find with the mouse. Otherwise HTML Editor is looking for the word followed by a carriage return. Microsoft Office doesn't work as precisely as this, and allows one to press the Enter key to initiate the search.

HTML Editor also has, of course, various settings in the Find box, and one needs to ensure that these match what one wants.


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