Copying text turns on overwrite mode...

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I find that "overwrite-mode" (same as pressing the 'insert' key) is turned on most of the time when I try to copy text using control-insert.

It would be nice if that didn't happen.

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You can turn that off yourself. Tools - preferences - customization - modify options.
See attached.
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That setting just seems to affect the display of overwrite mode (on/off), so that you can't tell if it's on or off. Doesn't fix the issue for me.

Copying text (control-insert) shouldn't turn on overwrite mode.
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This page from the Help file shows the keyboard shortcuts available in the program. The ones shown there for cutting, copying and pasting are probably the ones most widely used in Windows.

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Control-insert and shift-insert are part of the IBM Common User Access (CUA) standard.

These functions work in the HTML Editor. However, control-insert, in addition to copying the selected text, also has an adverse side-effect of turning on overwrite mode.

This is a bug.

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